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2nd July, 2018
VortexBox (Australia) is closed
VortexBox (Australia) is now officially closed. This means we are no longer accepting orders for any new products, though we are still available for warranty claims & support.

However, we still have a few items left in stock that we'd like to clear. Specifically we have 1 X microRendu, (see http://www.vortexbox.com.au/microRendu.html), 1 X ultraRendu, (see http://www.vortexbox.com.au/ultraRendu.html), & 1 X USB to SPDIF adaptor, (see http://www.vortexbox.com.au/usb2spdif.html). We have already discounted all our stock by 15%, but could possibly be persuaded to do a bit better. You can contact us on

We also have a couple of second hand VortexBox Silents available. They are an earlier model & use a different case & motherboard case to the current model. Details & pricing can be found here.
9th June, 2018
Final Opportunity
The closing date is coming for our final order of products from Small Green Computer & Sonore. If you'd like to buy a sonicTransporter,  ultraRendu, microJukebox or microRendu at a discount price, please contact us by 13/6/2018. You can contact us on sales@vortexbox.com.au

25th May, 2018
VortexBox (Australia) is closing down!

Closing Down Sale

After nearly 9 years of operation, we're closing down. This is simply because we no longer have the time to run the business properly. The business will formally close on the 23rd of June, 2018.

We apologise to those of you that recently bought new product from us, as this news will be a particular shock. However, we want to advise all our clients that all warranties will be honoured & that we will be available for support of our clients.

vortexbox.com.au will disappear off the Internet, probably around September 2018, but prior to that we'll send all our clients an email with a new email address that you can contact us on, please make sure you note it down. Our mobile number will remain the same.

As part of our closing down process we are having a sale to clear our remaining stock. We are offering a discount of 15% off the price advertised on our web site for all items we have in stock. This discount does not apply to postage/delivery or the Gieseler products, its only for the Sonore products & the sonicTransporter products.

In stock we currently have 2 X microRendus, 1 X USB to SPDIF converter & 1 X VBA Player available at 15% off. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We may have some 2nd hand products available, so please keep an eye on our Bargains & 2nd Hand

If there is sufficient demand, (totaling 5+ units), we will do one final order with delivery to you in the second half of June 2018. For further details, please contact us on sales@vortexbox.com.au

14th April, 2018
Sonicorbiter 2.6  for sonicTransporter music servers is now available.
We are pleased to announce the release of our Sonicorbiter OS V2.6 for our sonicTransporter Music Server series.  

sonicTransporter 2.6 upgrade procedure:

This procedure can take quite a while if your internet is slow. Do not reboot or power off your unit until the upgrade is complete.

Go to sonicorbiter.com and click manage next to the sonicTransporter you want to upgrade. Then go to apps -> Software Manager. Click the Update button and wait for it to complete. Then reboot your sonicTransporter.

Once this is complete you are ready to start the major upgrade to 2.6.

You need to manually enter the upgrade URL

http://<sonicTransporter ip>/upgrade25.php

So if your sonicTransporter IP address is then enter into your browser.

Once you enter this URL the upgrade will start. It can take quite a long time. Wait for it to finish!

Once it’s done reboot your sonicTransporter. Some other packages will need to be readjusted so wait about 20 minutes before using your upgraded sonicTransporter.

For more details, check out our latest video: https://youtu.be/Vj7_erSlFt8

8th April, 2018
Sonicorbiter 2.6 is now available!
The Sonicorbiter software for the microRendu & ultraRendu has been upgraded to version 2.6. Owners of the microRendu & ultraRendu already running Sonicorbiter 2.5 can upgrade to 2.6 by using the Software Manager app in the web interface of their microRendu or ultraRendu. Details are as follows;
  • Bug fixes for librespot (AKA Spotify Connect) with a lot of compatibility updates
  • New version of RoonReady player
  • New version of SonoreUPnP Bridge with volume pass through
  • New version of NAA and GUI update that allows unit name to display as output
  • New version of SqueezeLite
  • New version of Shairport
  • ultraRendu status LED function update (Red=power, Orange=boot, Green=internet active)
  • New DSD DACs supported
**This update does not included MQA support.

Sonicorbiter on the sonicTransporter series will be updated next with a surprise new feature!

microRendu & ultraRendu owners still running Sonicorbiter 2.3 will need to purchase the 2.5 upgrade first, to do so, send an email to us on sales@vortexbox.com.au or click here.

8th April, 2018
microRendu 1.4 hardware upgrade is no more!
The microRendu 1.4 hardware upgrade which was released in July of last year is no longer available. The upgrade was released to enable existing microRendu owners to upgrade their microRendu to almost ultraRendu level performance.

We were advised last week that Sonore will no longer be producing the upgrade as it is believed that all the clients that owned the microRendu prior to the release of the ultraRendu will have upgraded by now & that the level of demand now does not justify the production of another batch of upgrades. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause any of our clients.

23rd December, 2017
VortexBox (Australia) is for sale!

For Sale
We've been operating VortexBox (Australia) for just over 8 years here in Canberra. It has always been run on a part time basis from our home, but due to changes in our life, it's time to pass the baton.

If you're interested in selling the great range of audio devices from Sonore & Small Green Computer as well as building & distributing the Australian versions of the VortexBox media server, please contact us by clicking here or sending an email to sales@vortexbox.com.au.

15th July, 2017
microRendu Hardware Upgrade
A board to upgrade the microRendu hardware has been released. This will upgrade the microRendu hardware from version 1.3 to 1.4. Amongst other things it shares one of the key components of the ultraRendu, The oscillator utilised for the ultraRendu CPU & USB regenerative circuit. To find out more including pricing & how to get your microRendu upgraded, please click here.
11th July, 2017
The ultraRendu has been released
The ultraRendu  is the next step up from the microRendu. It features improved sound quality due to improved hardware, is a little bit bigger & has all the ports on one end. To find out more including pricing, please click here.
We will have stock shortly & are happy to accept pre-orders. If you'd like to know more, please click here to visit the product page for further details & pricing.

There is a really good review of the ultraRendu on the Digital Audio Review web site here.

9th June, 2017
microRendu software upgrade
The microRendu's operating system software has been upgraded to version 2.5. Because this upgrade includes a change of the Fedora Core operating system that underlies it, an in place upgrade over your internet connection can not be performed.

The upgrade can be ordered from us by sending an email to us on sales@vortexbox.com.au or clicking here.

You can read more about the upgrade at https://www.audiostream.com/content/sonicorbiter-25-making-microrendu-better.

microRendu 2.5 software upgrade
26th March, 2017
Roon Server

Since Roon was released in 2015, its taken the digital audio world by storm. Its won the Stereophile 2015 Product of the  Year, the Computer Audiophile Overall Product of the Year 2015 & the Digital Audio Review Product of the Year 2015.

Since we started offering players that supported Roon, (Sonicorbiter & the microRendu), we've had clients asking if a VortexBox could run Roon. The sad answer was that most of the VortexBoxes running the Atom or low end Celeron processors were not up to the demands of running Roon server. We've since added the sonicTransporter server products that will run Roon Server, but most of them don't rip CDs.

Enter the VortexBox Roon! It runs the Vortexbox software giving you all the VortexBox features including CD ripping, (excluding Logitech Media Server), on beefed up hardware capable of running Roon Server in a fanless case.

To find out more, including specifications & pricing, please click here.

14th March, 2017
Product Reviews

We've put up a new page on our web site with links to product reviews. You can find it at www.vortexbox.com.au/reviews.html or by clicking on the Reviews link at the top of the page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments!

7th March, 2017
We're pleased to introduce our first new product for 2017, the microJukebox. Developed by the same company that created the Sonicorbiter SE, microRendu & the sonicTransporter and created the VortexBox software.
The microJukebox was created to bring all of your Music CDs back to life. Turn in your old CD Player / CD Changer for 21st century solution that you will be proud to own.  Escape the musical dark ages with the latest in music technology...

Solution:  The microJukebox is a low power, Music Server NAS (Network Attached Storage) that will automatically rip Music CDs to its internal hard drive and serve them up to your network player or locally attached DAC.

To find out more about the microJukebox including pricing, please click here.

VortexBox (Australia) has been the distributor of the VortexBox appliance for Australia & New Zealand since 2009.
To find out more about the VortexBox software & for software support, please visit www.vortexbox.org.

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