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Vortexbox (Australia) has been the distributor of the Vortexbox appliance for Australia & New Zealand since 2009.
To find out more about the Vortexbox software & for software support, please visit www.vortexbox.org.

VortexBox Silent

VortexBox Silent case

The VortexBox Silent is our silent VortexBox appliance with an optical drive. It uses the same motherboard, RAM, & hard drives as our standard VortexBox but instead of a 5.25" optical drive drive it uses a slim line optical drive. Based on a Streacom case, it comes with 2 of RAM, a 1 terabyte hard drive & a DVD optical drive

It's fanless with an external power supply, so its silent except for when the optical drive is operating.

Dimensions - 240 x 350 x 100mm (W x D x H)


Pricing starts at $725.00 inc GST plus delivery.


To 4 gig RAM, add $30.00
To 8 gig RAM, add $68.00

To a Blu-ray drive, add $80.00
To a 2 terabyte hard drive, add $40.00
To a 4 terabyte hard drive, add $165.00
To a 6 terabyte hard drive, add $350.00
For other sizes, please ask!

To a Gieseler Linear Power Supply, add $225.00

If you'd like to inquire further or buy a VortexBox Silent, please send an email to sales@vortexbox.com.au or click here.

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Last updated 14th March 2017