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Vortexbox (Australia) has been the distributor of the Vortexbox appliance for Australia & New Zealand since 2009.
To find out more about the Vortexbox software & for software support, please visit www.vortexbox.org.

VortexBox Plus
The VortexBox Plus features the following
  • Various storage capacities, 8 terabytes, up to 32 terabytes
  • Intel i3 processor
  • 4 gig RAM
  • Blu-ray drive, rips CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray discs
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • Runs Logitech Media Server (LMS) software
  • Compatible with Squeezebox, Sonos & most DLNA client media/musc players
  • Plex Media Server is installed, see our ripping media for use with Plex guide here.
  • Small (ITX) case, 410 mm X 240 mm X 190 mm
Further information is available at the Specifications page

Pricing starts at $1210.00 inc GST plus delivery.

Because of the number of hard drives & the amount of cooling involved, we don't recommend putting this VortexBox with your HiFi equipment, its best suited to be kept somewhere else away from your listening area. All it requires is a connection to your home network & a power point.

Upgrades available include memory & hard drive size. Please note that we do not include a power cord or ethernet lead due to space restrictions in the box. If you require a power lead or an ethernet lead, please contact us for pricing. Contact us for further information. Click here to view upgrade pricing.

If you'd like to enquire further or buy a VortexBox Plus, please send an email to sales@vortexbox.com.au or click here.

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Last updated 14th March 2017